A lifelong friendship


The sound of my heart outside of my body

»Drums have been in my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to drive my mom up the wall, drumming on buckets, pots and pans and generally anything around me I could use to conjure up a beat. Then, at age 3, my brothers and I were given our very first drum set; I was in heaven and that was it! I was completely sold. Getting my own drums became the beginning of a lifelong friendship that has allowed me to explore life's magic through music. Not once have they let me down.

Of course, growing up in a family of musicians has played an important part in my life as a drummer - in my discovery of the power of music - yet somehow, drums have always felt like a natural extension of me. Playing them is as essential to me as breathing, eating and sleeping. They are the sound of my heart outside of my body, which is probably also why they give me such a deep sense of belonging, security and connectedness - not only with myself but also with others; with life on a grander scale.«

I'm grateful for the ongoing adventure

»Usually, when people ask me about my relationship with my drums, I tell them that they a like a trusted friend and companion in my life. They never ask questions or pass judgement; they're just always there, ready to play, no matter my state of mind. They allow me to be powerful, playful or creative - anything I wish to express, it's possible through them. They become a catalyst for the inspiration and feelings of love and joy that live inside me, and let me share those feelings with others. It's amazing! They truly are my mental, emotional and creative free-zone, where anything and everything is possible.

I feel very blessed to have drums in my life; grateful for the ongoing adventure I'm on with them. Not only have they taken me to some of the most incredible gigs and places around the world, they've also connected me with all kinds of wonderful people. I honestly couldn't ask for more.«

A universal language of connection

»The language of the drums is universal. They don't care about where you’re from or the color of your skin. All they care about is creating a sense of unity and connectedness, creating understanding through a common beat and rhythm. Once everybody is connected into that beat, that’s when real magic starts to happen. That’s when we can truly feel our own unique rhythm and let it interact with the rhythms of others to create something totally new and magnificent. That's when we're able to connect and feel one with others in the most empowering, freeing and loving way«. 

We can always return to the power of rhythm

»Everybody knows rhythm, it’s in our nature. The sound of our mother’s heartbeat inside the womb is the first sound we ever hear. It's our fundamental connection to rhythm and it lives on inside of us through our own hearts once we enter the world. It’s the sound of love that is naturally and inevitably ignited within us the moment we're given the gift of life. Even if later on in life we close ourselves off, or momentarily loose the connection to that rhythm, I believe we can always come back to it. We can always return to its power and beauty. It's what always brings me back - as a musician and as a human being.«

Meet BC

BC is a Danish drummer, composer and music director. This is the story of how an early childhood friend became a lifelong companion and powerful creative outlet.


Drums have always been there to guide him through life and open the doors to new adventures. 


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