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As long as I have my drums, anything is possible

»Nothing makes me happier than seeing people light up with joy when they hear great music - when they feel great music and just have to move with it. It doesn't matter whether it's a festival crowd of thousands, or a small dinner party for a group of friends; I've played at both and literally everything in between, and the thrill I feel is always the same.

It's a huge privilege to me to be able to give people a great experience through music, through drumming. I pride myself of doing everything I can to give it my all, whether it's working with a specific artist, putting together just the right band, or creating something entirely new for the occasion. A couple of decades as a professional musician have taught me that as long as I have my drums, anything is possible.«


Master classes & Workshops

Master classes & Workshops

Want to discover the power of rhythm, either within yourself or in relation to others? BC shares his love of drumming in private sessions, master classes and fun workshops to help you improve your skills or strengthen your connection to friends or colleagues.

Great for corporate and private events alike.

Connect with BC to discover if you need more drumming in your life!

Corporate parties

Corporate parties

Company events, teambuilding workshops, receptions and holiday parties; add the right music to any occasion your company is hosting and it will become a night to remember. The kind that'll have your people reminisce in the weeks, months, years to come. 

Whether you need to throw a small, intimate party or a big bash for your company, BC will help you get the party started. Funky beats, classic tunes and some of the best entertainers are all yours for a night.

Please reach out to let BC help you create the perfect musical set up for your party!

Drum shows

Drum shows

A stunning, vibrant and highly intensive 20 minute drum show that explodes with beats, water, UV-sticks and even fire if the location permits.

The show instantaneously transports the crowd into a different reality - beyond time and space where only music exists. 

Accompanied by three other outstanding percussionists, BC and Drummers play on everything from chairs, tables and trashcans to latters and boxes to create a one of a kind experience. 


Please contact BC to book your drum show

Events & Concerts

Events & Concerts

An experienced music director with more than 20 years of experience, BC helps you organise the right music for any large scale event or concert that you're hosting. From coordination with managers and artists to customised musical arrangements and execution - he's got your back. 

Please reach out to start planning with BC now.

Private parties

Private parties

The right kind of music takes any party from good to great. Let BC help you create the perfect intimate mood, or set the dance floor on fire when celebrating your special occasion: Birthday parties, weddings or anniversaries - no occasion too big (or small).

No matter if you're throwing a themed party or simply want to have a great time, BC offers anything from small acoustic ensembles to full-fledged bands with bras and percussions.

Please contact BC to start planning your party music now.

Original tracks

Original drum tracks

Do you need a catchy drum track for a composition or musical project? BC works with you to create an original track specifically customised to match your style and needs. 


Please reach out to learn more about your options.